ACU Server Bridge: Paris 1944

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed sequence 7 but now I must deal with this server bridge which sets me in 1944 Paris. The last server bridge was Paris 1898.

My navigation skills need improvement, especially for lateral movements during running and more so for climbing. My navigation speed is not fast but I did manage to climb the Eiffel Tower in less than 15 minutes. Thankfully, I had enough medicine reserve to survive the bullets during my climb. With better navigation skills, I can potentially avoid the spotlight areas to minimize taking bullets.

I am tempted to replay Paris 1944 to see if I can do better but I will save that for later. Perhaps after I've completed ACU, I will go back and try various challenges again. Presumably, with the passage of time (for more practice), my navigation skills will improve.

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