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I enjoy listening to music and I own a high-end audio system to play my CD collection consisting of classical and contemporary music. In addition to listening appreciation, I play music on my Sherlock Manning piano (picture on the right). I have worked for years on classical piano pieces from Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Chopin and others. I find the classical pieces extremely difficult to attain a high level of proficiency. Nevertheless, it is challenging and rewarding. Recently, I am playing a couple of contemporary songs to a high degree of proficiency. I am considering to record them as YouTube videos in the near future.

A few years back, I put together a Digital Audio Workstation involving Allegro 2002 and GigaStudio with real sampled pianos. Allegro 2002 is music notation software with MIDI capabilities. Allegro 2002 provides a real-time MIDI stream which GigaStudio uses to render the music. I proceeded to produce Handel's keyboard compositions, two of which I play on my real piano.

I also dabbled with music composition using Allegro 2002 as my piano music composition tool. Samples of such works can be found on my personal piano compositions page.

Here is a short segment to whet your appetite. From the Allemande of Handel's No 3, Suite in D Minor, HWV 428

With keyboard focus: p toggles pause/play, + increases volume, - decreases volume

Other songs:

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