Development Progress

I took the last few weeks to really dig in and craft my website to the shape that I want, particularly paying attention to the presentation of my content amongst the AdSense advertising. I did major serious work on the Stock Market segment which is now complete enough for a starting point. And I created the blog structure to allow me to publish my blog segment

I am particularly pleased with the progress that I made on the Piano Music and Handel's Keyboard Compositions pages where I talk about my passion with music, playing the piano & producing piano works through technology, and where I provide my piano music for my site visitors.

Along the way while talking about music, I introduced a couple of other topics on the use of a Digital Audio Workstation to render the piano music and my passion with high-end audio.

I completed a few pages for the Miscellany segment. There is a mixture of fun, usefulness and generally stuff to stir the mind. The Miscellany pages reflect the miscellaneous and possibly random nature of that segment.

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