Facebook Friendship

Appreciating my Facebook friendships and wanting more ...

This page is intended for my present and future Facebook friends. It is far easier to write my information here than on Facebook. And I shall invite them to visit this page.

I have written many pages here on my site about my experiences with Facebook. In my quest to leverage social media networking, I have focused time and attention to building my Facebook relationships. Some Facebook friends are obviously more "connected" with me than others due to commonality of interests and styles. I enjoy the interactions and I appreciate the interest of my Facebook friends visiting pages of my site. 20% of the traffic to this site is from Facebook as shown in my Site Visitor Statistics page.

Objective to Increase Number of Friends

Obtaining more Facebook friends is an objective I have; see my humorous letter to Santa. My wish for 5000 Facebook friends did not come true in 2010 and I now work towards Christmas 2011 (it is never too early to panic).

A Plan to Increase Number of Friends

Here are my thoughts on a way to obtain more friends in Facebook. Assuming there is common interest for my friends to also want to increase their friends list, what we collectively do is to aim for a set of friends to be friends to each other and to all. In other words, a full-meshed network of friends will emerge out of the set. 5000 people will yield 12,497,500 pairs of friends. Open questions:

  • How well would Facebook handle this?
  • Will Facebook restrictions be revealed? e.g. Facebook Friend Requests
  • How much additional traffic is generated on each person's news feed?
  • Will the news feed volume be manageable?
  • Will we find that it is better to have fewer number of friends?

Call for Action

Let this social experiment begin. As we are the subjects of experimentation by Facebook, nothing stops us from experimenting back. The will of the users can be expressed.

Share this page with your Facebook friends inviting them to spread the word on this approach to seek those who want to increase their friends list.

Consult with your friends to discuss a plan to mutually introduce friends to each other.

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