High End Audio - Searching for my pre-amplifier

With a pretty much complete system consisting of a Kinergetics KCD-40 CD player feeding a pair of Bryston 7B monoblock amplifiers driving a pair of Apogee Duetta Signature speakers, I was settling into a groove listening to my CD collection which by now was increasing in size.

I joined the BMG Music club where I was able to buy audio CDs at a much reduced price than at retail stores. I was finding myself tiring of the rec.audio.high-end scene. I became less interesting in talking about high-end audio and was more interested in listening to my music.

Since I had a CD player with its own volume control, I did not have a need for a pre-amp. Furthermore, I had no other music source components such as tape decks and radio tuners, so I did not need a pre-amp to switch source components. Why did I pursue a pre-amp? I was rationalizing that I would future-proof my system by buying a pre-amp (in the eventuality that I add more source components to my system). I was also told by the high-end audio stores that a high quality volume control would benefit my system (sales job). Probably more hype than solid reasoning, I proceeded to search for a pre-amp.

There was not a lot of searching nor auditioning. I found the most neutral pre-amp available and went for it. I settled for a Classé Five.

Since acquiring the pre-amp, I have used it for other sound sources:

  • I connect my DAW to my high-end audio system to listen to my piano music creations.
  • I connect my DVD player's audio output to my high-end audio system to get high fidelity sound while viewing my DVDs on TV.
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