Helping People get Employed Again

In the recent economic climate with so many people having lost their jobs, providing assistance to people to get employed again is both emotionally and financially rewarding. Consider the themes associated with helping people find jobs, writing effective resumes and preparing for job interviews. Consider the creation of videos and other forms of training material, especially if you have knowledge or skills in particular fields.

The technology barrier for such ventures can be tremendously lowered by the use of Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Using a CMS allows you to focus on content creation which is the essence of your offering. There are various video creation technologies for online video delivery. Videos can be hosted on YouTube or your own website server.

There are turnkey solutions for creating video-based marketing capabilities to support affiliate program management which is another way to lower the technology barrier. You don't have to know web programming (e.g. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavasSript). You can focus on content creation. And you can additionally consider the use of affiliate programs with the objective to help people get employed again to augment your revenue stream.

Having said the above, I do acknowledge that the many job boards that are out there along with many recruiters is a good thing to match prospective employees with employers. However, one sad outcome is that there appear to be far too many opportunists preying on the desperate unemployed segment. I leave it to your moral ground for seeking money earning potential with the unemployed as your paying clients.

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