Content Critical Mass

What do I consider as critical mass for my site to be "open for business"?

I have read that a site consisting of 5 topical areas (categories) with 300 articles or pages for each topic is the winning formula for building an AdSense site to attract a sufficient audience for the venture. I have examined sites that garner 4 million page views per month with thousands of articles.

It goes without saying that the quality of the content is an important component. It is also important to offer useful content, although fun content, not necessarily useful, may be enjoyed which then is just as important.

I would be happy with reaching 30 articles for each topical area as my critical mass. Rome was not built in a day and like any construction effort, it has to start somewhere. My thought process is to build the content consisting of articles, tools and exhibits. I might use gadgets & gizmos to fill out my tools. Exhibits I have in mind include 3-D pictures, photographs, piano music rendered through MIDI files (not the MIDI synthesized sound but that of a sound-sampled real piano).

I best be getting back to the task at hand to produce content, instead of dreaming.

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