Affiliate Networks and Programs

I have been researching affiliate programs for a couple of objectives:

  1. I want to discover and learn Internet marketing approaches to help with my own efforts to promote this site.
  2. I want to leverage the monetization opportunities associated with affiliate programs to augment my AdSense revenue.

At this point, I am not clear on the best way forward. I do not know if AdSense can mix with affiliate marketing from the same site. I do not know if I am stretching my publishing site core too much to embrace affiliate marketing. There are many unknowns at the moment but I thought I could briefly mention some of my early findings.

ClickBank is a digital products retailer offering an affiliate program for online sales. Vendors offer products for sale. Affiliates promote and sell products for revenue share. ClickBank takes a revenue cut.

SiteBuilder is a product available to affiliates via ClickBank. SiteBuilder provides training, templates and tutorials for people needing to build, manage and promote websites.

I intentionally signed up with sites offering affiliate marketed products and services with the view to learn about their best practices for success. One common theme is that they start off by offering free giveaways. Some giveaways are better than others. In exchange, they want my email address. They build email lists and their business model is to continue marketing to the opt-in list. They send multiple emails for the same topic. They like to be insistent. They use "limit" tactics like "only 1000 spots left for sign-up" and "site information available for 2 more days". Their splash pages are typically several page scrolls deep with a generous use of reinforced (repeated) points.

LinkShare and Commission Junction are two other affiliate networks to consider. I am an approved affiliate member for advertisers such as Barnes&Noble, Alibris, Beyond Words Publishing, Kobo eBooks, BetterWorld Books and BookCloseouts.

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