Google Place Search

Google is rolling out Place Search that will help users find information faster and easier on local businesses. Google would position it as an enhancement for users but the real reason they are doing it is to increase revenue.

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What if I am a user looking for non-business related information? That information is "below the fold" requiring me to page down to see the results. In fact, in that example there are 11 local business search results, paid for by businesses. This means what used to be first-page search result is now second-page.

SEO services can no longer guarantee first-page placement of your search engine optimized website. If I am seeking SEO services where I ask for a guarantee of top-10 position in search results and they say okay, I will look for another SEO service provider.

I am building backlinks for my website and seeking SEO services to get better placement in search results. It is a horrendous task that will likely take time, even with professional SEO assistance. Google Place Search pushes the challenge even higher and in some ways is a discouraging factor for seeking high placement in search results. It gives even more credence to spending time, effort and money on utilizing social networking sites as a traffic source.

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