Top-10 Placement in Google Search Results

My Brain Workshop page titled "Tickling the Brain, or Cramping It" has achieved top-10 placement in Google search results for the search string "brain workshop IQ". In fact, it is at position 7. Click the image below to see a larger view.

View larger image

Some points to ponder regarding this page:

  • It is a little over a month old. It was one of the first pages that I created when I launched my site at the beginning of October/2010.
  • It has no 'description' meta tag.
  • There are no backlinks to this page. There are internal links from other pages in the This1That1Whatever.com domain.
  • There has been no SEO work performed on the page, other than SEO friendly inclusion of title, heading and interesting content (at least I think it is interesting).
  • The title is different from the heading text. The heading text is the same as the script filename. In some SEO circles, the recommendation is to use the same text for title, heading and script file name.

It would be very interesting to hear what SEO experts have to say about the placement of this page which had no SEO performed on it. By SEO, I am referring to specific SEO actions such as building backlinks that satisfy the Google criteria for top ranking placement in search results; I am not referring to generic SEO advice such as building interesting content, including meta tags, achieving backlinks, etc.

See later update on search results placement.

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