This WikiLeaks fiasco is getting a lot of press recently. I first saw in on TV news with Canada and the U.S. trading jabs through officials and diplomats. Then as I searched a little on the Internet (did not have to go far), I found the trail of news on WikiLeaks that is both interesting and disturbing.

Trying to find information from http://wikileaks.org revealed that the domain has been shut down by the DNS servers in the U.S. - censorship.

Interview with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.

Inside Story - Julian Assange and the 'red notice'

Real-time Google results for the WikiLeaks saga.

PayPal cuts off account used by WikiLeaks to collect donations. Who supports them? As an example, advocates for freedom of speech.

More Problems for WikiLeaks: Switzerland Cuts Off Founder’s Bank Account.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested and surrended as part of a sex-crimes investigation.

The "WikiLeaks Cables Show a China Obsessed with, Afraid of the Internet" article is a continuing revelation of the Chinese government’s censorship and control over what their population should see. We are in 2010 going on 2011?

And there is the matter of Tom Flanagan, the public official who made irresponsible remarks in public.

More WikiLeaks Coverage

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