Handel's Lascia Ch'io Pianga on the piano

In my bog entry on Handel's Lascia Ch'io Pianga from the Rinaldo Opera, I provide performances from various artists to compare. I am so enthralled by this piece of music that I want to learn to play a rendition for the piano. I finally found time to pursue this. I did a bout of Internet searching. A search on "Handel's Lascia Ch'io Pianga" yields more pages that I can peruse. Narrowing the search to "sheet music" provided better specificity and I found various versions of the work in various arrangements for voice plus piano accompaniment to quartet to a full orchestral score. The piano arrangements I found were nice but they represented a transcription of the voice plus accompaniment performance; I was seeking a better solo piano arrangement.

My search journey took me to the land of YouTube videos where I found three piano performances all with more or less the same arrangement that sounded excellent as a solo piano performance.

Further searching did not yield that arrangement. I posted a comment on each of the three performer's YouTube pages asking if they could point me to where I can obtain the piano sheet music. In the meantime, I began to transcribe the YouTube performance into music notation using Allegro 2002.

See my performance of Lascia Ch'io Pianga on the piano.

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