Why have you not joined Facebook?

Not all humans are on the Internet. Not all Internet users have joined Facebook. See awesome Facebook statistical facts for numbers. The following chart shows the results of a Wedbush Securities survey of 2500 people over the age of 18.

Respondents do not have to answer all questions; they simply choose which ones apply to them. There is no information provided as to whether or not respondents include people already on Facebook.

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Survey says the number 1 reason people do not use Facebook is because it is considered a waste of time. I always say - time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted. Clearly, Facebook is not for everyone; at least not yet!

I can understand privacy is an important reason for people choosing not to join Facebook. For those of you who are on Facebook, you can and should control what you put on Facebook. You should not put credit card numbers, bank account numbers or personal financial information on Facebook. As for broadcasting vacation and trips away from home, you have to be careful with that type of information to avoid unwanted visitors to your home during your absence.

Even in the physical world away from Facebook and the Internet, do you tell all your personal affairs to all your friends, acquaintances and, colleagues? You have to be cognizant with what you say and to whom in the offline as as well as the online world. Once that awareness is in place, I see no reason to avoid Facebook on the basis of privacy. If the privacy concern is with respect to basic personal information such as name, gender, age, then that is a legitimate concern for which you, the user, must rely on Facebook privacy policies to protect your personal information.

The "no time" reason is very valid for people not joining Facebook. Even if your have the interest, you may not have the time to indulge in Facebook. If your time is consumed by higher priorities, and you have no additional time, then there is no alternative.

The last two reasons are addressable through learning and practice.

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