Reduced Time Spent on PCs

Here are statistics on reduced time spent on PCs, down 20% since 2008. Do you know if your use of the PC has declined since 2008? If so, do you have explanations as to why?

There are suggestions that the burgeoning tablet market and the increasing use of smartphones have taken time away from PC usage. Although they are contributing factors, there must be other more significant reasons. There are plenty of PCs still in existence with many useful applications as segmented in the chart above. When people are out of the house, there is no doubt that smartphones are used. It is too early to tell with tablets because they have barely just begun without enough devices to make a significant impact.

There are sales statistics showing the decline in PC sales in favor of other devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. It makes sense that with the tightened economy, there is only so much money for acquiring consumer electronics products. However, this does not directly explain a decrease in PC usage - PCs already in existence are still available for use.

Instead of asking the question why PC usage has dropped, perhaps the question can be addressed by asking why it peaked in 2008? Maybe that was a euphoric moment for PC usage! In the absence of quantitative data, it is easy to speculate.

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