The World of Computer Vision

This Wikipedia page on Computer Vision provides a good introduction to the field and areas where it can be applied.

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From my learning and experience with developing software to perform picture-matching or picture-recognition, I can attest to the sophistication of mathematics, artificial intelligence and digital imaging techniques.

I am working on an application of computer vision targeted to smartphones with a revenue-generating business model. Here is an illustration of the technology at work.

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The Image in the top-left is a picture taken from my computer monitor displaying that image. The Picture Found in the top-right is the image stored in my database of pictures. The Matching Points grayscale image shows the areas (marked by circles) where a match was determined by my computer vision software. By correlating the matching points information along with other algorithmic considerations, my software is able to declare a match.

Areas of challenge for commercialization of the system include the ability to:

  • Perform picture matching in real-time for fast interactive response.
  • Achieve a low percentage of false-positives and false-negatives.
  • Handle a great number of pictures in the database.

Read about my smartphone app development.

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