Discovering Talented Musicians

As I was searching for an address to send my fan letter to Adele, I discovered a talented musician Igor Presnyakov playing Adele's "Someone Like You" on guitar with fingerstyle technique. That performance led to the discovery of a 15-year-old talent Sungha Jung. From there, I found another 15-year-old talent Gabriella Quevedo.

Quite often I get trapped in YouTube, finding wonderful music after wonderful music. Discovering these musical talents was time well spent as it provides inspiration for me to play more piano, not only for satisfaction and enjoyment but also to achieve greater proficiency.

Adele - Someone Like You - Igor Presnyakov

(Adele) Someone Like You - Sungha Jung

(Titanic Theme) My Heart Will Go On - Sungha Jung

(2NE1) Ugly - Gabriella Quevedo

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