Owning Multiple Tarot Decks

How many Tarot decks do people typically own? A friend, who is a Tarot user and with whom I had discussions to design features for my Tarot app software, owns half a dozen decks. At the time of my interaction with her, she was looking forward to acquiring a smartphone and very interested to experience Tarot decks in the digital form.

Doing research on the Internet can sometimes reveal the most interesting information. I would have thought that owning a single-digit number of Tarot decks would be reasonable. As it turns out, owning 30 Tarot decks is not unheard of and owning over 300 decks seems rather excessive.

There are thousands of Tarot decks available in the marketplace, consisting of different interpretations of Tarot symbols by artists and grouped into various themes such as sports, aliens, fairies and science - just to name a few. These vast offerings cater to diverse interests and beliefs.

There are Tarot decks for brainstorming and business. I have been involved in many brainstorming sessions for product and business development but not once have I used a Tarot deck for that purpose. Perhaps I should consider using Tarot cards for my next app design.

Having completed my Tarot Lovers App, I am now seeking other Tarot decks to incorporate into my Tarot app software. Analogous to Tarot users owning multiple physical decks, I am of the thinking that Tarot users would like to have multiple decks digitally delivered through the same app software.

If you are a Tarot user and think that it is a good idea to have multiple Tarot decks offered through basically the same software delivery method, please contact me - I would be happy to hear your feedback.

If you are the copyright owner of a Tarot deck wishing to create an app for sale in Google Play and the Apple App Store, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

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