Gratitude Tarot App

In my Tarot Lovers App blog entry, I wrote about the launch of my first Tarot app featuring the Tarot Lovers deck. Since then, I have continued to reach out to Tarot deck providers seeking a business arrangement. My efforts have resulted in the completion of the Gratitude Tarot app.

This app, featuring the Gratitude Tarot deck, allows you to indulge the world of Tarot cards from your smartphone and tablet devices.

Gratitude Tarot App

Through excellent collaboration with Teresa Deak, the Gratitude Tarot App has been developed and launched in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Android app on Google Play               iOS app on the App Store

The Gratitude Tarot 79-card deck features stunning photos, mostly of natural subjects, taken by the author and artist Teresa Deak. When Teresa took these photos, she felt the pulse of nature flow through her, opening and filling her heart to the rhythm of the universe and the flow of what she likes to call Gratitude. In these cards, it is hoped that you will see and feel the significance and meaning held in the curve of a leaf, the sparkling fall of light on water, the delicate hues of a rose in bloom. These, and the poetic explorations of each card, are your guide for understanding the cards.

For more information on the app, please visit the Gratitude Tarot App website. For more information on the Gratitude Tarot cards, please visit the Hands on Gratitude website.

The software elements of the Gratitude Tarot App are copyrighted by igtsoft.com while the Gratitude Tarot card images and description text are copyrighted by Teresa Deak.

Tarot App Software

The software powering the app can serve as a delivery mechanism for other Tarot decks where a suitable cover image would be used for each Tarot deck along with app styling that is totally customizable to complement the target Tarot cards. The app is branded to the target Tarot cards and its creators.

Tarot App

Please visit the Tarot App website if you are interested in using your Tarot deck to create an app for sale in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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