John Legend's All of Me

When I first heard the song "All of Me" performed by John Legend at the 2014 Grammy Awards, I liked it but it did not blow me away. I appreciated his accomplished musicianship but the song did not catch me. Then recently, I came across a performance of the song by John Legend with violin accompaniment from Lindsey Stirling. Maybe her talented violin playing helped to attract me. This time, the song caught me!

Then I watched the following John Legend video and I fell into the song. I could not stop listening to it. The piano accompaniment caught my attention in a big way. I now wanted to learn how to play that to perform alongside the singing, similar to what I did with Adele's Someone Like You.

While searching for the appropriate sheet music arrangement for the accompaniment, I discovered many performances of "All of Me" in the form of singing with piano accompaniment as well as piano playing the melody. Now I embarked to find the arrangement of this song for solo piano.

I very much like the following singing performance of "All of Me". She sings so effortlessly with beauty and expression.

This following is a very captivating performance. I think I will end up finding all the performances of this song on the Internet, sooner or later.

I like the following solo piano performance of "All of Me". The performance awed and inspired me to learn to play the song in solo piano fashion. I thought Lara might be willing to share the sheet music for that arrangement. To my dismay, she states in her About information "This song has been following me everywhere I go. Sorry no sheets, done by ear.".

Lara has exceptional talent not only with her ability to play by ear but her piano playing mastery. She plays other instruments as well including violin.

I cannot play by ear and I need musical notation to learn a piano piece. I am now considering to make my own arrangement of the song in musical notation form as I did for Lascia Chi'o Pianga and Feels Like Home.

April 2, 2014: I completed a relatively easy-to-play arrangement of John Legend's All of Me. The next step is to learn to play the piece. Maybe someday I can record it. As a piano student in my childhood days, I practised 20 minutes a day, far below the expectation of my piano teacher.

Page 1 of the 6-page arrangement is shown below. Click to enlarge.

View larger image

June 27, 2014: I recorded my arrangement of John Legend's All of Me which you can view in my Piano Performances 2014 - YouTube Video page.

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