Circle Art

After completion of the GeoDist app, I embarked on the development of this entertaining Circle Art app for Android and iOS which allows the user to create digital art, including Spirograph-like patterns. If you are in waiting mode, this is a good app to help past the time - time you enjoy wasting, is not time wasted. This app is also good for relaxation as you watch the mesmerizing formation of the digital art.

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The development of this app was straight-forward with most of the challenge being in the design of the user interface to allow manipulation and control of the size and rotational speed of 6 circles. By adjusting these specifications, the user is able to create a variety of patterns. Take a look at the following illustration video to get an idea of what the Circle Art app can do.

The Circle Art app is most impressive on an Android tablet or Apple iPad where the larger screen provides magnificent viewing of the digital art. The Circle Art app is available for Android and iOS. Visit the igtsoft Circle Art webpage for more information.

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