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Motivated by seeing two episodes of House of Cards to whet my appetite, I subscribed to Netflix. On a weekend viewing binge, I completed all 26 episodes of seasons 1 and 2. Now I have to wait for Feb/2015 for the release of season 3.

It is nice to watch the episodes commercial free. The High Definition quality is not the greatest but it's hard to know if this is Netflix or House of Cards specifically.

If you have not watched House of Cards and do not want the following comments to spoil your viewing enjoyment, stop reading now!

Among the things Francis Underwood will do:

  • In calculated fashion, tell two different versions of the story to two different people.
  • Leave the car running parked in a closed garage, and leaving behind the passenger.
  • Push someone in front of an oncoming transit train.
  • Use the FBI to entrap someone who knows too much information about the misdeeds of Francis.
  • Reconnect with an old male friend from younger years - overtones of bisexuality in the air.
  • Have a threesome with Claire and the security detail.

As ruthless as Francis is, Claire is even more so. It's hard to imagine what more will happen in season 3. I can't imagine Francis and Claire turning against each other, given the portrayal of absolute trust and loyalty in seasons 1 and 2. But then again, the viewer has to expect the unexpected in this show. Speculation abound!

  • Being the most powerful man in the free world, Francis can't possibly go any higher. He plots to prevent others from dethroning him. How far will he go in this quest?
  • Beyond his 8 years in office, the next logical step is to get Claire (the first woman) into the Presidency.
  • Francis takes a liking to some other woman and plots to remove Claire.
  • Claire takes a liking to some other man and plots to remove Francis.
  • Lucas gets out of prison and continues to try to expose the murders committed by Francis.
  • Zoe returns as a ghost.
  • There will be an orgy.

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