ACU Sequence 4 - Memory 1 - Exploring and Missions

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I successfully found and killed the giant Iscariotte. I continue my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories.

The life of an assassin with an unlimited number of deaths, killing and looting criminals, buying phantom blades and gun ammunition to repeat the cycle of killing, looting and buying weapon supplies. Along the way, cafe properties are bought to increase income. The circle of death.

I was using the Progress Tracker to select missions (driven by the higher rewards) but I now realize that each mission is specific to a particular area. I can use the map to determine which missions are available in the area where I am at. Alternatively, I can go to mission targets scattered throughout the streets of La Cour des Miracles. I am wandering further away from the ACU starting point for Sequence 4 - Memory 1.

I have discovered how to look for street vendors (in Eagle Vision, they show up in white) from whom I can purchase and replenish my blades and ammunition. I have experienced that the phantom blades are most effective while the berserk blade is not necessarily effective (for example, the berserk victim may be outnumbered and killed). My American Flintlock pistol does not always kill the criminals and guards. Perhaps I am too far way for the bullets to take effect. Often there is collateral damage as citizens walk in front of my targets. I switched to Arno's dueling pistol which has a higher damage factor to see if that works better.

I renovated Cafe du Louvres and apparently I will earn income from the ownership of that cafe social club, once I have control of Cafe Theatre. I will have to see how that unfolds going forward.

The last segment in the video shows me exploring one of the many underground tunnels. So far, having wandered into a couple of tunnels, I have not discovered any earth shattering wonders in tunnels. In the historical context, tunnels were used to escape from the guards but I have not found a need for this. I can typically outrun guards and I sometimes escape by climbing onto buildings.

Check out the page where I met a lady.

Check out these amusing scenes.

Check out the Retribution for a Rabble-Rouser Social Club mission from Café du Louvres.

Check out Vicious Verses from Paris Stories.

Check out the Defend the Vineyard (Smoky yet Robust) Social Club mission from Café des Invalides.

Check out the Helix Rift training exercise.

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