ACU Social Club Mission - Retribution

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I continued my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories. After renovating the Café du Louvres Social Club, I strolled upstairs where I selected the Retribution for a Rabble-Rouser mission, one of three Social Club Missions offered.

This was a challenging mission to complete with a difficulty rating of 3 on a 5-point scale. ACU starts the player at a pre-designated location in the heart of La Cour des Miracles. Some missions and stories can be over 1000 meters from the starting location. Each time I am desynchronized, I have to take the time to run back to the target location. This was becoming increasingly annoying and frustrating. I looked for a way to allow me to start off at a different location but I could not find such a capability. Resigned to the notion that ACU has done this to encourage game play improvement to avoid desynchronizations, I began to play with much greater caution to assess and avoid encounters which have a high risk of desynchronization.

Strategies and Tactics

  • Head directly to the target location without indulging in the many fight opportunities along the way. This preserves my blades, ammunition and medicine used to recover from battle wounds.
  • Be aware of the nearest shop location to replenish my supplies. During intense mission penetration attacks, I mark the nearest shop so that I can easily find my way.
  • Avoid large groups of criminals and guards. Use the Berserk blade if I am to indulge with large groups.
  • Try the sniper tactic, although this can lead to wasted blades and ammunition if I am too far away for the shoot to kill the target.
  • Look for citizen groups which will fight the criminals and guards, thus helping to distract attention away from me.
  • I completed this retribution mission by using the Berserk blade to start a fight amongst the criminals and guards while there was a large group of citizen fighters in the area. Then I ran around the back, away from the fighting action, to kill my target.

These are good methods which I am discovering and learning as I progress in ACU. For encouragement and a sense of accomplishment, ACU assigns different ranks as I progress through ACU. I am currently at "Advanced Enforcer" rank.

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