ACU Paris Stories Mission - Vicious Verses

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I continued my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories. Here I am motivated to take on the Vicious Verses (Paris Stories) for its reward of 25,000 Francs and difficulty 4 rating on a 5-point scale.

Disappointed with the inability of my American Flintlock pistol to kill my targets, I spent my hard-earned money to upgrade to Arno's Pistol. Furthermore, I spent considerable money to upgrade from the Long Sword to the Royal Cutlass.

I was able to complete this difficult challenge after many attempts. I did not run the video capture for all attempts so I don't actually have any video footage showing successfully retrieving of the book elements. However, there is plenty of intense action shown in the video.

There are so many guards inside and outside the building where the book parts are kept. Shooting the gun raises attention and guards come to aid their comrades. Even engaging in a sword fight in a room brought guards from elsewhere. Not available on video, I retrieved part 1 of the book by creating a berserk situation (guard victimized by my shooting of a berserk blade fighting with other guards and bringing other guards into the fray). This led to the book part being unguarded thus allow me to easily retrieve it. The second part was retrieved by fighting and killing 2 guards. Through the mayhem of the frantic action (my hands become sweaty - I don't know if this is healthy), I actually cannot remember how I got the third book part. Having a video replay of my own action is very beneficial. However, having video capture running at all times is heavy use of disk space.

Strategies and Tactics

  • Use the crouch stance to avoid being spotted by guards. This is particularly useful on roof tops due to the angle of the roof. By crouching on the other side of the slope, the apex of the roof hides my visibility while my Eagle Vision allows me to see the guards.
  • I tried the sniper action to kill off as many guards as possible. I repeatedly went to the shop which was around 100 meters away to replenish my supplies (blades, ammunition, medicine). I thought I could succeed by attribution. However, going to the shop exposes me to face fights which has the potential for desynchronization, especially since I am low on medicine to heal my battle wounds. After desynchronization, the game play scenario starts afresh with many guards thus making me do the work all over again. Travel by roof-top is not a guarantee of safety as there are increasingly more roof-top guards shooting at me before I am able to reach and disable the shooter (i.e. kill).
  • On a few occasions, I ran into the building to be seen, then ran away and climbed back up to my roof-top safety spot. As the guards returned to enter the building, I would shoot and kill them.
  • Shooting a berserk blade is a good way to create a distraction with guards fighting amongst themselves. While this happens, I can swoop in to retrieve the book part.
  • At some stage, I found no alternative but to go into the building and fight it out. What surprised me is that other guards immediately swarmed in to help. I don't know what alerted the other guards that a sword fight began.

For encouragement and a sense of accomplishment, ACU assigns different ranks as I progress through ACU. I am currently at "Elite Enforcer" rank.

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