ACU Sequence 4 - Memory 1: The Kingdom of Beggars

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I continued my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories. After completing the many side missions (Companion and Paris Stories) and making significant upgrades to my weapons and equipment, I returned to the main mission to assassinate La Touche.

There are many benefits to having spent my time indulging in the side missions. I was able to practice and hone my manouevering skills (e.g. turning sharp corners to escape a chase, climbing and descending buildings), attack and defend moves (e.g. the parry and the dodge). I earned significant money (Francs and Creed Points) to buy my upgraded weapons and equipment. I established a recurring income stream from my Social Clubs.

There is an ACU upgrade for a Double Kill move. I did not spend my Sync Points to buy this upgrade because I want to save my Sync Points for a future upgrade. I am doing okay with killing two opponents close together without the Double Kill upgrade. I established my double kill and run move.

Running and striking to kill is very effective because of the momentum force impacted by the run (at least that's how I feel psychologically). Another factor is the speed of the kill action. By running and killing the first opponent with my hidden blade, I continue my run past the second opponent - then I stop suddenly, reverse direction and run hard at the second opponent and kill again. This is a very effective technique which I find works on multiple opponents, even beyond 2.

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