ACU Sequence 4 - Memory 2: Le Roi Est Mort

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I assassinated La Touche. In this segment, I assassinate Le Roi des Thunes.

Because of my previous completion of high difficulty missions (e.g. Retribution, Vicious Verses) and Defend the Vineyard, I found my assassination of Le Roi des Thunes to be pretty straight-forward. I had to wander through the sewer system, fighting and killing guards along the way. Compared to the higher difficulty missions where I faced a huge swarm of guards and criminals, this assassination seemed rather easy. By this I mean I was able to achieve the assassination without being desynchronized or without having to return to the shop to replenish supplies. It was challenging nonetheless. The upgraded weapons and equipment plus my skills improvement have undoubtedly helped.

Here is the tail-end action after I assassinated Le Roi des Thunes. Navigating the sewer system is much easier now with the mini-map showing clear details. Prior my action to synchronize Viewpoints, the mini-map was covered by fog and clouds which made it impossible to see the needed detail in the sewer system.

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