Co-op Missions in Assassin's Creed Unity

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I assassinated Le Roi des Thunes. Having completed sequence 4 and before starting sequence 5, I decided to try the co-op missions as a single player. I started with a difficulty 2 Heads Will Roll co-op mission for 2 players maximum.

With my current status in ACU, I am approaching 1,000,000 Francs predominantly earned from my Social Clubs income. Looting has become non motivating in comparison to the much larger amounts returned from my Social Clubs. I have already upgraded to the best weapons and equipment. There is nothing left to purchase with my Francs and Creed Points. I turned my attention to Sync Points (SPs) which are earned from completion of the main mission in each memory and from co-op missions (even as a single player).

The Assassin Cache skill (feature) requires 10 SPs while I only had 9. Therefore, I embarked on the Heads Will Roll co-op mission which offers up to 4 SPs - 2 for completing the mission and 2 SP collectibles. The Assassin Cache allows me to replenish my ammunition and bombs (but not medicine and blades) at the press of a button. I no longer have to return to the shop to buy ammunition and bombs - they are provided free from my Assassin Cache. This allows for liberal use of smoke bombs during battles against a group where I gain an advantage by being able to see my opponents (with Eagle Vision) while they cannot see me. I can now generously use gun shots to kill my opponents without much worry about running out of ammunition because every minute or so, I get 4 ammunitions replenished from my Assassin Cache.

The following video shows most of my action in my completion of the Heads Will Roll co-op mission, including the acquisition of the 2 collectible SPs. Co-op missions can be replayed multiple times so I get additional chances if at first I don't succeed or if I want to play again to earn other rewards such as equipment (however, none of them are needed since I already have the best available equipment).

I completed The Food Chain co-op mission (difficulty 2 for a maximum of 4 players) which earned me 4 SPs thus leaving me with 7 SPs in total which is enough to upgrade to the "thicker skin" health skill once it becomes unlocked after completion of sequence 5. The following is a short video showing a cut scene for the story without my game play action.

I completed The Infernal Machine co-op mission (difficulty 3 for a maximum of 2 players) which earned me 3 SPs without the additional collectible SPs. This mission has by far been the hardest for me because I have to take out 9 Royalist snipers to protect Napoleon Bonaparte on his way to the opera by horse and carriage. Timing is important because if I run ahead too far to kill the snipers, I am desynchronized for being too far away from Napoleon. I have Royalists and guards shooting at me as I attempt to take out the snipers. It requires many attempts before I succeed.

Happy with having succeeded but disappointed with leaving 3 SPs uncollected, I decided to go back and look for the SP collectibles. The sniper action is too intense with too many failures to adequately capture on video. Therefore, the following video only shows the hunting and acquisition of the SP collectibles.

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