Assassin's Creed Unity - Sequence 5

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I tried co-op missions as a single player after having completed sequence 4. In sequence 5, I begin by reporting back to council at the Assassin's Headquarter below the Cafe Theatre. Council leader and mentor Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau sends me on a mission to find the silversmith Germain who crafted the pin I found at the end of sequence 4.

After freeing Germain he tells me about his captor Chretien Lafreniere (a Templar) and provides information about la Halles aux Bles where Lafreniere's shipments are kept. I head off to find Lafreniere who along with Charles Gabriel Sivert had assassinated De La Serre.

Lafreniere is not at la Halles aux Bles where I discovered the storage of guns from Bavaria. I did find a log book indicating where I can find Lafreniere. After setting la Halles aux Bles on fire, I make a harrowing escape from the burning structure. [Truth be told, it took me several attempts with desynchronization to find my way out. Panic does not help to keep a sane mind which is needed to figure out the escape route.]

I go to the graveyard and hide in a haystack awaiting the arrival of Lafreniere after which I will assassinate him.

After the completion of sequence 5, a number of items were unlocked. With my available Sync Points, I purchased the Thicker Skin skill and the Strong Attack for my sword (One-Handed Weapon Master). I trust that the Thicker Skin is helping me with my battles. The Strong Attack makes for slower sword action and it is not entirely clear that it adds to my sword killing ability. It seems the faster sword action (without Strong Attack) allows for multiple hits on my target to effect a kill.

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