ACU Sequence 5 - Memory 2 - Again

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I showed examples of my collectibles action. In addition to my objective to complete all collectibles in Paris, I also want to replay memories to get the maximum credit for achieving all challenges within missions.

It is fun to revisit previously played memories for a second look. With the familiarity and my improved skills along with the best equipment, I do much better the second time around. Unfortunately, I've run into a snag with Sequence 5 - Memory 2: la Halle aux Bles where I cannot get credit for passing over objects. The mission contains a challenge to attain 4 "Pass over/under objects" actions. I get credit for 2 "pass under" actions but no "pass over" actions despite jumping over barrels. I think this is another Ubisoft bug.

After researching to see if others are having this problem, I discovered videos that showed the successful recognition and crediting of "pass over" actions. However, they are all on gaming consoles, not on a Windows PC platform as in my case. The videos revealed a third "pass under" opportunity in addition to the two that I already encountered. The following video shows 3 out of 4 "Pass over/under objects" achieved but no cigar.

I went searching to see if there are other "pass under" opportunities because then I could complete 4 out of 4 "pass under" achievements. While exploring, I came across a random sequence of "over/under" that yielded a recognition of one of my "pass over" actions. At last, I accomplished 4 out of 4 to give me 100% completion of Sequence 5.

The above two videos show my quiet entrance into the complex, which was my intention. In the following video, I attracted attention and my stealth was foiled. I used my Gold-Plated Pistol and achieved the "Pistol kills" challenge with overkill.

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