I started my journey into the interchangeable lens electronic camera in Sept/2015. In Jan/2018, the Lumix DC-G9 replaces my Lumix DMC-G7. My interests continue as an enthusiast for photos and videos captured by high quality camera gear.

This image is from youtu.be/HRWXeGaRwRU where one photo was shot on an iPhone 7 and the other was shot on a Nikon D850 ($4300) with a Tamron lens ($1750). The model is a teenager, although she has been made to look more mature (not sure women want this) through the wonders of photography with studio lights and post-editing.

IMO, the skill and artistic choice of one person is better than the other person in this friendly photo challenge. But that is purely subjective and your mileage may vary. Even if I had a studio with all the professional lighting equipment as was available for that competition, I'm certain that I would want something better than an iPhone 7 as a tool for capturing photos. OTOH, there is no way I would buy a Nikon D850, even if I could afford it. I believe the DSLR, in the not too distant future, will be an historical artifact only sought by those with nostalgia for a flipping mirror in an electronic camera.

When will Nikon and Canon introduce their mirrorless cameras? Nikon is rumored to be working on their mirrorless camera, with announcement in 2018 and product release in 2019. Canon is rumored to release a mirrorless camera in 2018. The top-tier interchangeable lens cameras from Sony, Canon and Nikon have full-frame sensors which is embraced by professionals! IMO, the full-frame sensor wars along with ever-increasing resolution is just marketing BS. You can get equal quality with smaller sensors if you have high quality lenses plus lighting (whether natural or artificial).

I think smartphone cameras will continue to take market share in the mass consumer space, with Computational Photography and Artificial Intelligence software embedded within cameras. For a while now, I've asserted the mirror is not needed in an electronic camera. Hopefully within a very few short years, the mirrorless camera will be ubiquitous and only nostalgia will have people wanting a DSLR. That's assuming the interchangeable lens camera even exists to compete with smartphone cameras and their "smarts".

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