I avoid various fake news outlets which exhibit reporting by "journalists" with Trump derangement syndrome (TDS). I do that because I don't know when to trust what they report.

It is happening less in 2020 than in 2016 when my neighbors would go into a rage over anything Trump. I made a bet with one neighbor that Trump would win the election and she went ballistic and accepted my $0.25 bet. Sadly, she never paid up.

After Trump's election win, the Trump rage continued, or perhaps heightened (if that is even possible) and neighbors developed TDS. On a warm summer night in 2018 while sipping wine at the neighborhood table, one person started to exhibit TDS rage. As in 2016, I challenged this neighbor to a $0.25 bet that Trump will win again in 2020. Well, she quickly retorted with a $100 counter challenge. I wonder if she will pay me in Nov/2020.

Side observation: Wine seems to exacerbate TDS.

It seems to me that TDS may have peaked during the Trump impeachment reality TV show but I see a resurgence during this trying time with Covid-19.

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