Wels Catfish

What is the fish of the day? Never mind catch of the day. Is this fish the catch of the century? On February 26th, 2015, using rod and reel, Dino Ferrari caught this 280-pound Wels Catfish in the Po Delta of Italy. Ferrari said the fish took an artificial bait on the surface and the struggle from a boat lasted 40 minutes. This Wels Catfish measures 8.8 feet in length.

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Wels Catfish have a ferocious appetite and consume anything it comes across. Although the size of the mouth allows this fish to swallow a human, its preferred foods are bugs, fish, rodents and ducks.

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Wels Catfish are a fresh water fish living in large warm lakes and deep slow-flowing rivers. It prefers to remain in sheltered locations such as holes in the riverbed, sunken trees, etc. It consumes its food in the open water or in the deep, where it can't be recognized by its large mouth.

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After photo and video shoots, Ferrari released this Wels Catfish back into the river. Wels Catfish can live for 30 years so Ferrari's giant fish may have more growing ahead of it. Perhaps Dino Ferrari will catch it again in the future. Wouldn't that beat the odds?

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