2011 Server Computer

I selected parts for my 2011 server-class computer running Windows 7 Professional but paid the computer shop NCIX for assembly and test. Prices are in CAD. Click the parts image for an enlarged view.

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Seasonic power supplies are known for their high quality and low noise. Having used the Seasonic 430-watt power supply in my 2008 desktop computer, I continued on with the winning selection - going with the 520-watt option for my server.

SuperMicro is known for server-class motherboards as well as server computers. Since this server machine is used to run custom-developed software in server capacity, I opted for Windows 7 Pro instead of a Windows Server product to allow me the familiarity with a Windows desktop operating system and the choice to run the machine as a desktop computer. I used this computer to develop the custom server software.

Given the need to run this server 24/7 with the utmost reliability, I chose ECC memory. The custom server software is memory intensive so I chose 16 GB of memory along with the 64-bit version of the Windows 7 operating system.

Western Digital has been my choice for hard drives due to their high reliability and quiet operation. With the ownership experience of the Western Digital drive in my 2008 computer as well as earlier computers, going with Western Digital was an easy decision.

There is low-performance onboard video support in the SuperMicro motherboard, and no audio support. I use Microsoft's Remote Desktop to access the server machine from my desktop computer where audio is rendered.

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