'Queen of Swords' card on iPhone

The Tarot Lovers App on the iPhone allows Tarot enthusiasts to conduct their own Tarot readings for entertainment or lifestyle purposes. The iPhone with Retina display is a stunning smartphone for viewing the Tarot cards in the Tarot Lovers deck. As illustrated in the following picture, the iPhone 4 with a 3.5" Retina display offers a high resolution 640x960 screen with an exceptionally high pixel density of 326 ppi.

Note the unique feature that provides a rating for each Tarot card included in the deck. This is a great way to assess each card quickly for it's various traits, and how useful it is in any given position in a spread. Each Tarot card also possesses a unique personality. Therefore if the user has a question relating to a character or personality or they wish to assess the type of character linked to each card in the spread, then again the rating system is ideal for providing this information at a glance.

Tarot Lovers App is a smartphone app for Android and iOS
available in Google Play and the Apple App Store

Android app on Google Play               iOS app on the App Store

Indulge the world of Tarot cards from your iPhone or iPad, or from your Android smartphone or tablet. Conduct your Tarot reading and save it in the journal.

The Tarot Lovers 78-card deck is a very vibrant, unique and versatile Tarot deck. It is based around the imagery of the popular Rider-Waite and Tarot de Marseilles decks. For this reason it is ideal not only for people wishing to gain insights into their lives; it is also great for people who wish to learn Tarot and for more experienced Tarot readers as well. The images were specially designed to be very traditional but with a modern contemporary twist and they were also designed to work well in a smartphone or tablet environment. The idea behind the Tarot Lovers App is that it is meant to be like having your own Tarot Lovers deck in your pocket only it is actually on your smartphone.

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