AdSense Ads

From the Google AdSense policy pages:

AdSense for content: Up to three ad units and three link units may be placed on each page.

AdSense for search: A maximum of two Google AdSense for search boxes may be placed per page. Also, a single link unit or a search box, but no other Google ads, may be placed on pages with AdSense for search results. Queries must originate from users inputting data directly into the search box and cannot be modified. This includes pre-populating the search box with terms or hard-coding direct links to search results pages. AdSense for search code may not be integrated into any software application such as a toolbar.

I initially started with the maximum number of AdSense ads that Google allows on each page. After laying it out, I realized that it was overkill. Not only do the ads clutter the page beyond usefulness but there is also the factor of page load delays due to interaction with Google Ad servers. The phrase "less is more" comes to mind and a balance is needed.

In my initial implementation of the AdSense ads, I had violations that I realized after reviewing the AdSense policies carefully. These are the violations that I cleaned up, before anyone noticed:

  • I pre-populated context-sensitive keywords into the Google Custom Search box in the navigation section of my page layout. I thought this would be a good touch to help my visitors search for information related to the content on my pages.
  • Custom Search Engine Keyword This is a violation.
  • I constructed links that embodied Google Search keywords and thought it would be a user enhancement to allow my visitors to search at the click of the mouse.
  • Search Link This is a violation.
  • I had an image ad appearing at the bottom of my AdSense for search results page.

It is always important to read policies carefully and be in the know. Imagine if I had gotten banned by Google before my site was in business! I still wish that Google would provide at least email support so that a user can ask specific questions that may not be explicitly or directly spelled out in Google's policy pages. There are times when interpretation comes into play.

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