Affiliate Marketing Claims

With my ongoing investigation of affiliate programs, I continue to encounter claims made by affiliate marketers about the success of the method or system which they are promoting. Putting such claims in quantifiable $ terms is an excellent idea. However, it leaves me wondering ...

They say how successful their system is and they say how much money was made to illustrate how effective the system is. If the system is so good that they made $30,720.70 on the 1st try and $11,675.90 on the 2nd try, why are they spending their time promoting and selling the system when they can just continue to use their system to turn over more profits?

Perhaps they maximize their yield by using the system themselves (as ongoing proof that the system is effective) PLUS selling the system or method. Until proven otherwise, I remain open-minded as I embark on seeing some of these systems and methods in action, subject to how much it will cost and how I intend to incorporate such strategies into my site.

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