Progress Checkpoint

With the breadth of my topical areas developed and with continuing fill-in of textual as well as visual and audio content on my site, I took a step back to examine my progress. It is time for a review.

From my standpoint, the content is of interest and it is attractive. But the proof is in the eyes of the audience. I solicited feedback from friends and relatives. I have begun to post on my facebook wall to bring in a bigger circle of friends for feedback and reaction. I have begun to spread my site through blog commenting. In short, I am beginning to think about the marketing aspects and the money-traffic-content equation, again.

Relative to my target, as I had written on content critical mass for my site, I am about 25% towards that goal. It is important to bear in mind that it is about providing valuable and quality content. Rushing to fill the quota or meet the target is not the right approach. And getting some early feedback is important as it will influence and shape the continuing content creation process.

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