Experience with Facebook

In my efforts to leverage social media networking as noted in my which traffic sources yield the most loyal visitors blog entry, I proceeded with Facebook. The key activities thus far include:

While in the process of joining Facebook groups, I received a warning but neglected to take full notice of the warning message and lost the detailed information. I stopped my Facebook group joining activity immediately until I could determine what the warning was telling me.

I did a lot of reading in the Facebook help pages and elsewhere, looking for rules and clarification, and looking for a Facebook contact or submission form to inquire on the details of the warning. I saw many references and discussions on limits checked and enforced by Facebook. Enforcement includes suspension of my Facebook account. I did not find an email address or submission form.

I am a member of 40 groups at present. I checked and confirmed that 300 is the current limit allowed by Facebook. Therefore, I know that is not the issue. Speculation on where I blew the limit or broke the rule include:

  • Joining groups too fast.
  • Posting content (or links) that raise red-flags whatever that may be.
  • Someone flagged my posts. But I would have thought Facebook would investigate flagging claims before issuing a warning.
  • Too much posting of duplicate content in a short period of time.

It would be helpful if Facebook had email support. It would be helpful if Facebook would list the limits that they enforce, especially if they do not provide email support. I am in absolute agreement with following Facebook rules and limits, if only I knew precisely what they are.

Craigslist is bad with their poor customer support but Facebook trumps Craigstlist with their enforcement of inadequately disclosed limits. Stating that users must avoid engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive is not sufficient in light of issuing a warning followed by account suspension or disablement.

In the past, I was a member of class action lawsuits against corporations for improper or insufficient disclosure of information to their customers.

  1. A stock trading brokerage company not disclosing their foreign exchange rates. I had called them on numerous occasions complaining that they have to inform me of the exchange rate they are charging me. I was to receive vindication years later.
  2. Public companies listed in stock exchanges were found guilty of improper or insufficient disclosure of information which harmed the investor/trader.

I do not wish for litigation which takes years to go through. I prefer that these Internet companies shape up by making proper disclosures to their users.

Self-imposed limits, in the absence of clarity:

  • Do not exceed 20 friend requests per day.
  • Do not exceed 6 fan requests per day.

See a related follow-up in Facebook Friend Requests.

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