Joining Twitter, Tweeting and Becoming a Tweep

Joining Twitter has been on my want-to-do list for a while. No, I have not been living under a rock. I have seen Twitter in the news on TV where they actually showcase tweets in news segments. I have seen it on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' where he demonstrated the instant power of getting followers to respond in real-time on live TV. And Twitter is all over the Internet on a great number of sites.

I joined and at first I thought about not filling in my bio and not uploading a photo. An hour later, when I looked at my profile, I realized that I would not even follow myself without knowing anything about the person that I am considering to follow. I realized this after looking for people to follow - I was looking at their bio for what they are interested in.

Content is kept to a small limit of 140 characters for each tweet. Mind you, there can be many tweets made each day. The bio is similarly short at the limit of 160 characters. As I am a first-time user of Twitter, there is a lot to learn. I proceeded to my favorite tool, the Google Search box which is available on this site. In time, I will be documenting the lessons and experiences here in my blog pages. One early point worth noting is that Twitter imposes limits as I have experienced with the use of Craigslist and Facebook. There is apparently a limit of 2000 people whom I can follow. At that point, I need to get an equal number of followers before I can proceed to follow more people.

Upon joining Twitter, I immediately had one follower. Upon closer inspection, I realized this is a spammer because that person started with a handful of followers and followings which grew to 290 followings but 12 followers within a couple of hours. Furthermore, the tweets led me to unsavory sites.

See follow-up on Twitter usage.

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