Time Spent on Facebook, Google, Yahoo

Facebook has surpassed Google in terms of time that users spend on the properties. Yahoo was the leader three years ago but has not grown its usage time, with decline in the past year. Facebook's growth is nothing short of phenomenal and the chart shows momentum with the greatest rising slope.

The statistics shown in the chart are very interesting as I examine my own usage patterns. Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on Facebook with my social media networking activities. A few years back, I was on Yahoo Finance a lot with my stock market trading activities. I still utilize Yahoo Finance stock data to fuel the candlestick charts in my stock market segment on this site.

I use various Google services including AdSense, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Search Engine, YouTube Videos and Reader. Most of my Google time is spent searching the Internet while the other services are relatively short encounters - take a peak at my daily visits in Analytics, scan for YouTube videos to include on my site, look at my backlinks in Webmaster Tools, read my subscribed RSS feeds in Reader.

Considering Facebook is a single site while Google has various services, it is especially impressive how Facebook indulges users the most.

As for Yahoo, before yesterday, Site Explorer is the only Yahoo service that I manually use - for checking my backlinks. Yesterday, I signed up with Delicious.

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