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In the current season 15 of The Bachelor on ABC, tonight was the airing of the hometown dates with the final 4. It has been an interesting season with Brad Womack appearing for the second time after walking away from season 11 of The Bachelor having rejected all bachelorettes.

Before I go on with my view and opinions on the current season, let me state that I have come to realize that this is the most unreal premise for a reality TV show that can be contrived. In real-life, there is no one person dedicated to simultaneously explore feelings and relationships with 25 other dedicated people. And there are no deadlines as artificially instilled in the show where each week, someone has to be eliminated. Be that as it may, I still find myself captivated by this unreal reality TV show for all its glamour, emotion and down-right human interaction.

Tonight was very interesting when it came to the rose ceremony. We all like to play mind-reader and predict who Brad will (have to) eliminate. But of course, only Brad's feelings are relevant in his decision - we the audience do not know. I was leaning towards either Chantal O or Shawntel N being eliminated. I guessed Shawtel N because I felt Brad was spooked by the whole funeral business thing. Plus there seemed to be tension with Shawtel N's family wanting her to remain in Chico, California to carry on the family business.

Tonight, Shawntel N was sent home without the rose.

On the other side, I thought Ashley H was the favorite from what I saw (no idea on how Brad feels) while there appeared to be apprehension with Emily and her young daughter family setting - Brad seemed to be confused with the kiss at the end of the night because he felt uncomfortable despite his honorable explanation to respect the situation.

At this point, and not having read anything on the Internet to influence my view, I am boldly stating my prediction that Ashley H will be the chosen one.

Now if Chantal O is the chosen one, it will be most interesting to note that a slap in the face greeting is the secret to a man's heart! Chantal O greeted Brad with a slap in the face right out of the limo. I prefer the old-fashioned handshake greeting.

Ashley H has challenges as it has be shown more than once that she is retreating and withdrawing when they depart and when they see each other again, new ground has to be made to regain the relationship, let alone move ahead with progression.

Emily is largely impacted by the young daughter situation, in my opinion. It is funny, no matter what a person may say publicly (let alone on a reality TV show), inside emotion and thinking influences the decision process more than we want to acknowledge.

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