PokerStars Texas Holdem Poker Room

I downloaded and installed the online Texas Holdem poker software for Windows from PokerStars.net which allows me to play on play money tables.

The PokerStars Texas Holdem Lobby

A PokerStars Texas Holdem Table

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I played on various tables with a 5/10 small/big blind. The tables that I visited were limited to 2000 buy-in. PokerStars grants me 1000 at a time. I took out 1000 for 3 times at the beginning as it took time for me to get used to navigating the software. The 3000 meant I was down by that amount although I did not have to pay it back. It is essentially an unlimited play money supply!

My first 1000 was blown pretty quickly as play was swift and I was not comfortable with the use of the software. I picked normal-speed tables instead of the fast-speed tables. Upon losing, I immediately requested more and continued playing. My second 1000 lasted a little longer. By the time I was on my third 1000, I actually started to build my money holding and had more than 1000 when I left the table. After 1 day of playing, I ended up with 17,587. Second day update: I ended up with 49,807.

Some tables are better than others; it depends on the speed and ability of the players. There were issues with people getting disconnected, presumably due to their Internet access failing. There was one occasion when the PokerStars network was down for a few minutes in the middle of play. On my first day of playing, there were in excess of 100,000 players logged into the PokerStars network, presumably actively playing.

I do not know if my performance on day 1 is a reflection of my knowledge and experience, or due to playing against less abled players. Too bad that money is not real dollars! I had a good earnings day. I do think that I have been helped by the following:

  1. My prior experience with playing Texas Holdem in the physical world. story
  2. My analysis of Texas Holdem basics, odds and possible hands. visit
  3. My Texas Holdem Windows program for learning and practice.

See my blog entries on The World of Online Texas Holdem and Zynga Texas Holdem Poker Room for related reading.

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