iPad Competition Dead (for now)

According to a ChangeWave Research poll of 3,091 consumers, 82% stated they want an iPad. And as the chart shows, the competition is dead at this point in the game.

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This is good news for Apple with the first-mover advantage having set the stage by coming out with the iPad in 2010, way ahead of the competition. But Apple should be cognizant of the fact that its success in iPad will, to some degree, cannibalize its other revenue streams because there is only so much money in the pockets of consumers. i.e. they will be allocating their disposable income specifically for the iPad.

If you look at my page on how Android tablet computers can beat the iPad, price is the number 1 factor that will propel Android powered tablets to success. People will buy Kleenex only until such time as when tissue paper becomes quality-equivalent at a lower price - at that time people will buy tissue paper calling it Kleenex! And if tablet computers are sold at retail outlets where iPad is not sold, then that further sways the advantage to the iPad competitors.

Take a look at the developer mindshare in my Android Mindshare and Penetration page. The open Android platform provides infinitely more incentive for developers to create apps for Android powered mobility devices. More apps means more reason for people to buy Android tablet computers.

Round 1 goes to Apple. The fight is far from over. It has only just begun.

I am not so sure buying Apple stock is a slam-dunk on the basis of the above.

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