3D Glass Table

Glass is a particularly challenging material to render in 3D designs, in terms of achieving realism. Lighting and colors are important in any design, but glass additionally presents refractive and reflective properties to deal with. Click each thumbnail image to see a larger view.

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Initially, I went for this clean transparent look. It looks like glass, right?

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Upon placing an object on the table, I realized there is no reflection. Furthermore, the refraction showing up on the edge of the glass table top interferes with the see-through view of the table legs.

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Going back to the drawing board, I came up with this glass material. It looks like glass, as does the clear transparent glass table top shown above. And the real test ...

Putting it altogether, this glass table scene is believable and appealing.

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Click the image to see a larger view.

Visit the Newton's Cradle page to see the mechanism in action.

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