3D Technologies

Having used POV-Ray to generate 3D images (e.g. this site's logo was created using POV-Ray) and with knowledge of CAD software in the 2D (e.g. for circuit board design) and 3D (e.g. AutoCAD) realms, I decided to refresh myself on the current state of 3D technologies.

By no means an exhaustive list, I looked at 3D modelling software - Tinkercad, SketchUp, Blender, 123D Catch, 123D Design, Maya and 3ds Max (the last 4 from Autodesk). Various 3D programs offer the ability to tap into the burgeoning world of 3D printing. Also worth mentioning is HTML5 and WebGL for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics in the browser.

Here is a video showing a sampling of 3D graphical assets which I created with my early basic learning of 3D technologies.

Here are links to 3D design pages:

Model - Abigail    Shapes and Materials    Newton's Cradle    Glass Table    Flag in the Wind    Dream Beach House    Art Room    Dining Room    Glowing Orbs Sighting    Beach View    Hot Air Balloon    National Flag of Canada Day    Earth and Moon    Relaxation Room    Planes and Hot Air Balloons    improved Hot Air Balloon    Meet Tessa    Meet Margo    Meet Saskia   

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