Hot Air Balloon

21-Mar-2015 update: A netizen by the name of Christoph sent me feedback that the piece of music is the Allemande from J.S. Bach's French Suite no. 2.

I do not like heights but I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. I will do it virtually for now.

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See the new and improved hot air balloon.

Message to Wahneta Meixsell regarding the Allemande used in the video.

Dear Wahneta Meixsell,

I was looking for music for my hot air balloon video and came across Allemande by Wahneta Meixsell. I accredited you in the YouTube video listing. The piece immediately gripped me and it continues to pull me in as I repeat my listening. Now I want the sheet music to learn to play that piece. I wish to thank you for that wonderful piece of music.


I began to transcribe the piece of music as I wrote in my Music Transcription page.

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