About Me

My name is David.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with professional experience in the development, management and delivery of software within the telecommunications industry.

I engage in Web and smartphone based ventures involving development as well as marketing and promotion. I operate my DW Web Services business. See my smartphone ventures including my Tarot App. My knowledge in Web and smartphone technologies is self-taught to complement my software development background and experience. I am constantly learning about the Web and the smartphone arena, its technologies and ever-evolving trends & paradigms.

Special interests include:

  • Playing music on my piano, both classical as well as contemporary songs.
  • Playing golf with a near 90 (bogey) score a few years ago. Lately, I am not playing so much and my score reflects the lack of play (at least that is my story/excuse).
  • Listening to music on my high-end audio system.

In the latter months of 2014, I began to look at 3D Design and Modelling. I worked on 2D graphics for CAD systems a long time ago. I am not a visual artist but I have dabbled in 3D software with the intention to design and create 3D objects. It is a skillset worth having and becoming excellent will open doors to opportunities.

In Sept/2015, I purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 mirrorless digital camera to renew my interest in photography and shooting videos. Equipped with the camera and my history with editing and creating videos for my YouTube channel, I embarked on learning more about the craft of video creation. This led me to explore and learn various skills and techniques such as color grading which can be used for video as well as photo enhancement. Green screen processing is another useful element in the photo and video editing tool box. Here are exhibits where I applied green screen processing.

I have stock market trading experience utilizing fundamental and technical analysis, and I am active in stock market analysis and trading.

I hope you find interest in my site. Please enjoy as you may.

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David S.Y. Wong

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