Bach Allemande

I previously wrote about an Allemande performed by Wahneta Meixsell for which I am seeking the sheet music. A netizen by the name of Christoph sent me feedback that the piece of music is the Allemande from J.S. Bach's French Suite no. 2. I have a CD of Angela Hewitt's playing of Bach's French Suites. Apparently it has been too long and I had forgotten the French Suites piano music. Time to go listen to my collection of the Bach French Suites.

Here is Angela Hewitt's performance. It is absolutely delightful to listen to her piano mastery. That said, the pace at which she plays the Allemande is too fast for my hot air balloon video.

Here is Wahneta Meixsell's performance as used in my Hot Air Balloon video.

I tried to respond to Christoph but my email failed to deliver to the email address which he provided. Here is my message to Christoph. Perhaps he will find this blog page, as he had found my previous blog page.

Message to Christoph regarding the Bach Allemande.

Dear Christoph,

I thank you so much for providing that information. I have Angela Hewitt's playing of Bach's French Suites on CD. I just took a listen and it is indeed at a much faster pace though with Angela Hewitt's excellent playing, it sounds smooth and not hurried.

I've played various pieces by Bach. Most recently, I worked on Bach's French Suite no. 5 in G but my playing is not good enough to record. A few years ago, I worked on Bach's Goldberg Variations. I've also attempted Handel's keyboard suites which are extremely difficult to play.

I made renderings of Handel's keyboard suites at http://this1that1whatever.com/blog/m/handel-keyboard-compositions.php and years ago, I did attempt to play no. 2 and 5. I am currently practising the Allemande in no. 3, inspired by the Bach Allemande.

I will be writing an update on my website to reference Bach's Allemande. Would you like for me to make a reference and/or link to you?

I can also be reached through Facebook and Google+ as linked in http://this1that1whatever.com/home/about-me.php.

Best Regards,

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