Meet Tessa

Since my first attempt at designing a 3D model Abigail, I concluded the artist not in me is not suited for designing human characters. Having delved into the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4, my next thought was to do an animated character. Just because I have no artistic skills, does not mean I cannot utilize 3D software. I designed Tessa using MakeHuman 1.0.2 (along with MakeHuman 1.1.0). Once the basic body mesh was designed, I exported out of MH and imported into Blender where I completed the task of creating the skin, hair, lipstick and bikini - all in early stages in the evolution of Tessa.

Meet Tessa. Future plans for Tessa include walking, talking, finding a makeup artist & hair stylist, getting new clothes and shoes including heels, ..., ambitious!

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