Political Rant

Here is another way to shake things up within the ineffective democratic political system. President Donald Trump with Vice President Bernie Sanders. Forget party politics - forget parties (except those not involving politics) - focus on issues. Fire them in 100 days if they don't deliver on their campaign promises.

Oh, but it is expensive to go through the electoral process every 100 days. Time to get with 21st century technology and have a trusted electronic voting system, free of corruption and cheating. Wait, with an electronic voting system, why do I need to vote on political members getting paid to argue in Washington? Just use the system to vote on issues to get laws passed for the betterment of society (majority rule). People will still argue about policies (possibly and likely in ignorance) but that's okay - it's no longer on the tax payer's dime supporting the salaries and pension plans of elected political representatives.

If Trump doesn't deliver (e.g. no wall), I will press the voting button "Donald, you're fired!".

I would like the Wall Street executives and those responsible for the 2008 financial crisis to be put in jail (or better yet, send them to Mexico). If Sanders doesn't deliver, I will purge him. While Sanders is at it as VP, he better put Clinton (the one playing the gender card, not the one who played with the other gender in the Oval Office) in jail for all the illegal activities as an elected government official.

But let's get back to reality. With the democratic political system as it is, one of these candidates will be voted into office as POTUS in the 2016 United States presidential election.

Having to pick between Trump and Clinton is like having to choose between gonorrhea and syphilis. Time to move to a place where there is direct rather than representative democracy. Mars is a potential future option for direct democracy.

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Old Clinton lies are catching up with her.

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